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Introducing the exceptional Mother and Daughter Real Estate Team, your trusted guides to the idyllic Valley Foothills and the sun-kissed Beach Cities. With a shared passion for properties and a commitment to delivering outstanding service, this dynamic duo brings a unique blend of experience, expertise, and heartfelt care to your real estate journey.

Meet Pushpa Nagaraj , a seasoned real estate professional with a wealth of knowledge and a knack for finding the perfect slice of paradise by the shore. Her years of experience in the industry have not only honed her negotiation skills but also deepened her understanding of the unique demands and opportunities in the Beach Cities market.

And alongside her is Dede Venkat, a rising star in the real estate world who brings a fresh perspective, tech-savvy approach, and an innate talent for connecting with clients. Her energy and enthusiasm, combined with her intimate knowledge of the Valley’s neighborhoods, make her an invaluable asset for those seeking properties in this thriving region.

Together, this Mother & Daughter Team provides a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring that your real estate goals are met with the utmost care, expertise, and attention to detail. Whether you’re dreaming of beachfront bliss or a cozy Valley retreat, their dedication to exceeding your expectations will turn your real estate dreams into reality.